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Fall 2017 Calendar

Sept. 26

Less is More: Strategies for Efficiently and Effectively Responding to Student Writing

by Lisa Johnson-Shull

Details: Teachers who assign writing in their courses often spend an inordinate amount of time responding to student’s writing, but evidence suggests that students do not necessarily make good use of teacher comments. This workshop will focus on the creation and implementation of observational and evaluative commentary that provides feedback and feedforward to student writers, but does so in organized, scaffolded and systematic ways that are accessible to students and not overly time consuming for faculty.

Oct. 3

Dealing with Difficult Situations, in the Classroom and Beyond

by panel of faculty members

Details: Difficult situations in the classroom range from dealing with personality conflicts, to managing tense or sensitive dialogue, to addressing disruptive behaviors. In this session, presenters will engage participants in discussion about challenging situations and the tools and resources to address them.

Oct. 26

TGIF: Templates and strategies that can assist you with writing assignment design in your courses (and leave you free to enjoy your weekend)

by Lisa Johnson-Schull

The workshop scheduled for Oct. 26 has been postponed. Check this page for details on the rescheduled date. We apologize for any inconvenience.

Details: Students do better on writing assignments when they are clear about what they are being asked to do, and why. This workshop focuses on simple strategies and organizational templates for writing assignment design that streamlines the design process for faculty and improves clarity for students. The workshop also discusses the importance of aligning all aspects of writing assignments so they cohesively support course goals.

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